General Impressions:

American Bully should give the impression of great strength for size. It is a compact dog of medium size / big muscular body and heavy head. Powerful in movement, must walk without seemed tired. Open and attentive look to what happens around him. American Bully should provide a heavy bone structure and impressive and proud looking.


Medium length, deep with a large skull, presents very pronounced cheek muscles. Net stop and ears on top.


Natural or cut (U.S. only)


Short / medium rounded at the top and slightly square then to end abruptly below the eyes.

Jaws well defined. The lower jaw must be strong and express a good potency in biting. Lips semi opened, any docility (preferably XL size) accepted, but is not preferred. Upper teeth meet lower teeth out, closing in scissors and reverse scissors allowed. Nose any colour.


Heavey, slightly arched, the shoulders are narrower at the back of the skull. (Leather easily lowered accepted at XL size).


Ample, strong and muscular.


Rather short and medium length. A slight inclination of the withers to the croup, is admitted even sharp with gentle and short slope of the croup and at the base of the tail. (back slightly high accepted at XL size) but wrong at STANDARD or POCKET size.


Ribs well arched, deep in the back and all nearby. The distance between the forlegs is large enough to permit chest development. Chest shoud be deep and expanded.


Short to medium in proportion to size, low, thinning in a thin edge. (The tail looped or hooked or bent is subject to disqualification in the ring and it is cosidered a serious fault). Parts are accepted, but unwanted.


Forelegs straight when viewed from the front with large, round bones, right metaqcarpal are preferred. A slight outward rotation of the legs is acceptable provided that doesn’t measure 45 degrees. (It shoudn’t curve when viewed from the front.) Legs must be of medium size well arched and compact.


Welcome highlight muscle, ending the hoocks should not be turned inside or even outside (easy acceptable to XL size). Walk should be strong and effortless. action must be unrestained, free and vigorous, with a strong thrust of the posterior. Members that destroy and heavy walk are admitted to the XL size, however, at Standard and Poket are not wanted.


Short hair, thick, rough to the touch and shiny.

All colours are accepted except for Merle colour.


Height and weight must be in proportion. Pocket Bully compact size must not exceed 43 cm. Medium size – Standard Bully must be between 43 cm and 51 cm. Large size – XL must measure more than 51 cm and below 61 cm. Measures must be made at the withers and not at the shoulders. there is not a special limit of weight for the race. but the dog must be healthy, in shape and not look obese.


Defects for disqualification are: tail bent, twisted and knotted, any from of albinism, tail too long or curly, undershot with loss of contact, clumsiness and aggressive nature towards people or with certain people.